Seattle Fire Pit

Seattle Fire Pit Installation

A Seattle fire pit can add joy and value to your home. Friends and family can gather around your fire pit and have a warm and cozy time during all the seasons. At Ace Chimney Services, we can install, maintain, and repair any style of fire pit Seattle has to offer.

Wood-Burning Seattle Fire Pit

Wood-burning fire pits provide that roar and crackling sound, and bright yellow and orange flames that people associate with gathering around a campfire.  They also provide the campfire smell and smoke that some people love and others dislike.  You can grill over a wood-burning fire pit, with the right equipment and it’s perfect for s’mores!

Gel-Burning Seattle Fire Pit

Instead of wood, these fire pits burn a gel made up of alcohol and a gelling agent.  This fire burns clean so there is no smoke, smell, or sounds.  The fire has a yellow glow to it and it is not quite as hot as a wood-burning fire pit. It’s very easy to light with a lighter or match.

Propane-Burning Seattle Fire Pit


Propane-burning fire pits light easily with a flick of a switch.  The fire will burn blue if the gas is low. Propane-burning fire fits tend to be larger than wood or gel-burning pits, so if you want a larger fire, this might be your choice.

Gas-Burning Seattle Fire Pit

If you have natural gas in your home, we can hook up a gas line to your fire pit.  You will never run out of fuel for your fire and you can have the fire burning instantly by turning on the ignition. These fire pits tend to be easy to maintain.

Adding a fire pit to your home in Seattle can bring you hours of backyard fun.  Ace Chimney Services can help you figure out the best type of fire pit for your needs.  We can install it, help you maintain it, and provide any repairs that are required. Call us today at (866) 785-8865 and we can set you up with warm gatherings of friends and family during the cool Seattle nights.