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We are Ace Chimney Services of Shoreline, WA. A comprehensive chimney cleaning, repair, maintenance provider, and much more. For the last 20 years, we have shown our customers that we are the best in the business and will be here to continue that trend for many more.

When it comes to chimneys, we do it all. From inspection to structural repairs, and vent and duct cleaning, we offer a range of services performed by our team of trained professionals, available seven days a week for your convenience. We also offer our customers complimentary free quotes so you can keep more money in your pockets.


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Gas Fire Pits in Shoreline , WA

Over the years, the mortar and brick used to build your fire pit have seen the wild weather, critters, and many other factors that cause it to break down and require some TLC. By calling us and scheduling an inspection, we can find out what your fire pit needs to get back into tip-top shape, and we are equipped to do the repairs—no need to find a contractor to do the job. We are a one-stop shop for all of Shoreline’s fire pit needs.

Chimney Services in Shoreline , WA

When was the last time you had your chimney thoroughly cleaned? If you had to pause and think about that for a minute, it might be time to call in the pros at Ace Chimney Services to perform a full sweep so that you can rest a bit easier the next time you put a few logs in the fireplace. Creosote build-up can generate issues such as clogging the chimney and, causing smoke to back up into your home, staining the walls and furniture with black soot. Call to book your appointment today!

Dryer vent cleaning in Shoreline , WA

Did you know that nearly half of the dryer-related house fires start because of clogged ventilation from excess lint? The consequences associated with a disastrous fire are costly and sometimes fatal. We can remove the obstruction from your dryer vent, improve overall efficiency, and significantly reduce the risk of your home falling victim to a dryer fire.

Air duct cleaning Shoreline , wa

We do more than service chimneys here at Ace Chimney Services. We also offer cleaning services for your home's central heating and air conditioning system. Our professional team will thoroughly clean the air ducts, raising the air quality in your home and the system's efficiency.

Why Choose Us

We want our customers to know how much we appreciate their business. For that reason and many more, we offer free quotes and stellar service year after year. We also ensure:

  • Every employee that we hire is qualified and highly trained to work in the field
  • Our team of pros has been through a rigorous vetting process before being hired 
  • We are a company committed to serving our customers with the highest quality standards in the HVAC business 
  • We are family owned and operated, with 20 years of experience working with the residents of Shoreline, WA

We want to thank the residents of Shoreline for choosing us as their premier chimney cleaning services company. We are excited and looking forward to the next 20 years of service.

We Are Business Who Cares, And it Shows
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A Few of Our Raving Fans

Maggie Cohn

“I contacted Ace Chimney this morning to arrange for a chimney inspection and cleaning and I was thrilled to be able to get same day service! They were incredibly knowledgeable and very professional and were able to complete the job in a very timely way. I highly recommend this service.”

Pamela Duncan

“Ishai came today to clean our chimney — he was great to deal with, polite, organized, and quick! He left our fireplace insert — and the living room — very clean. We’ve had Ace Chimney Services folks clean our chimneys for years, and have always been happy with the service.”

Steve Tailor

“I am so much happy with all wonderful and amazing services of company. Special thanks for your professional team. Thank you so much again”

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