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Based on the most recent data, more than 25,000 chimney fires occur annually in the United States, leading to property damages exceeding 120 million dollars. The most alarming statistics pertain to fatalities and injuries resulting from chimney fires that escalate into house fires. A significant number of these incidents can be attributed to the accumulation of creosote, coupled with shortcomings in chimney linings and structures. These deficiencies permit high temperatures, embers, and sparks to reach adjacent combustible areas surrounding your chimney or fireplace.

A Full Range of Seattle Chimney Services in seattle

Ace Chimney offers a full range of chimney services in seattle, including chimney cleaning, repair, rebuilds, and inspections in Seattle. Our certified technicians use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your chimney is safe and functioning properly. Whether you need a routine cleaning or extensive repairs, we are here to provide the highest quality chimney services to keep your home and family safe.

We also specialize in gas fireplace installations and maintenance in Seattle and the surrounding areas. If you need a gas fireplace installation or service, call or text (866)-785-8865.

Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney:

Prevent Chimney Fires

Annual cleaning significantly reduces the risk of chimney fires.

Safeguard Your Health

Gas or solid fuel fire emissions can be hazardous, posing potential health risks.

Avoid Smoke Damage

A dirty chimney can lead to soot buildup, causing damage to your living space and leaving stubborn black stains. Regular cleaning prevents these issues.

Now, we must consider the consequences of neglecting this blockage issue. Picture a clogged chimney as akin to a water hose with a sealed nozzle—there’s no outlet for dangerous gases, leading to potential hazards. While these gases typically find their way out through the chimney, a neglected and uncleared chimney obstructs their escape. This situation exposes the indoor environment to harmful gases, capable of inflicting significant damage, if the chimney remains uncleaned and poorly maintained

Why choose our professionals?
  1. Expertise in Tedious Cleaning: Chimney cleaning isn’t just about pushing a long-handled brush up a stack to remove soot. It’s a meticulous process that requires skill and experience.
  2. Specialized Furnace Flue Cleaning: Cleaning a furnace flue might involve chemical applications, a task best handled by our experts.
  3. Affordable Services: Our professional cleaners provide reasonably priced services, ensuring not just a clean chimney but also a dust-free environment in your home.
  4. Dust-Free Environment: We emphasize maintaining a dust-free environment in your home, providing thorough and affordable services delivered by skilled professionals.
Why Choose Us to Clean Your Chimney?

We save Seattle homes from potential fires through regular chimney cleaning and maintenance. It’s recommended to clean your chimney at least once per year to minimize fire risks.

Ace Chimney Services is your top choice for Seattle chimney maintenance or repair . We have assisted numerous families in the area with chimney and gas fire pit installations in Seattle while also providing superior maintenance services. 

Let it be our inspection, rebuilding, or clean-up, every service is provided by industry professionals with years of experience and unmatched skills. Our first and foremost priority is your safety and comfort. That…we will never forget!

Any Seattle chimney repair or rebuilding procedure requires a thorough evaluation by skilled experts. Simply put, a full diagnostic inspection is needed when a house buyer/seller wants to know the current state of their chimney and venting system.

In Accordance With The National Fire Protection Association

Accurate Identification Of Problems

Highlights Potentially Dangerous Issues

Prevents Expensive Repairs

Certification Documents Provided

Peace of Mind for Realtors, Buyers, Sellers


Joe Clarke
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"On the dark night of winter, our heating system showed some signs of malfunction. We contact Ace Chimney Services on an urgent basis. Thanks to their team they resolve the matter in a matter of one hour."
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"I visit several companies to install my gas chimney, but I was not satisfied with any company, I learned about Ace Chimney Services through social media sites and find some quality in it. They installed my gas chimney in the most convenient and appropriate manner."
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"Our house chimney is out of order, I took the services of Ace Chimney to resolve the issue on an urgent basis. They guaranteed their work, Plus their prices are the most affordable."


Annual cleaning

Chimney rebuild

Chimney inspection

Chimney sweep

Chimney repair

PCR - chemical treatment for creosote removal

Gas fireplace cleaning

Gas fireplace repair

Chimney leak repair

Chimney flashing Installation


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