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Ace Chimney Services has everything you need for your chimney! When you book a service through us, you can expect the very best quality service performed by professional and experienced staff members who are ready to help tackle any of your chimney needs. From chimney cleaning services and chimney repair services to new chimney installation, Ace Chimney Services has got you covered.


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Gas Fire Pits in Maple Valley, WA

We provide excellent gas fire pit maintenance and installation service in Maple Valley WA. Ace Chimney Services is a family-owned and local company that is licensed and insured to work in the entire state of Washington. When you work with us, you know that you get the best service due to our staff being trained with the latest tools in the business. We have over twenty years of experience and will not let you down!

Chimney Services in Maple Valley , WA

Chimney cleaning is essential to keep your chimney working properly. Not only do you need to maintain your chimney regularly to ensure that it keeps working, but if you don’t keep it clean, you run the risk of it causing a fire. You can count on Ace Chimney Services to keep your chimney clean and in tip-top condition. Don’t risk damaging your chimney by attempting to clean it yourself and leave it to us to ensure that your chimney gets the care it needs.

Dryer vent cleaning in Maple Valley , WA

If you run into an issue with your dryer vent and are in a tough spot this winter, you can count on Ace Chimney Services to get your dryer vent running again. We know that you need your dryer vent to be working again, which is why we strive in providing effective quality services that will get your dryer vent working properly as quickly as possible. Security is our top priority and when you book through Ace Chimney Services, you feel confident knowing that your dryer vent was properly cleaned.

Air duct cleaning Maple Valley , wa

Performing an air duct cleaning might be the least of your worries but did you know that in order for your air ducts to perform effectively you must have air duct cleanings in Maple Valley performed at least once a year? Not only that but you should also have your air ducts properly inspected for the safety of your family. Ace Chimney Services has everything you need in order to get your air duct inspected and to perform an air duct cleaning that will have your air ducts working like new!

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Ace Chimney Services has performed over 1,500 projects and we have over 2,500 satisfied customers and plenty of reviews that speak of the valuable customer service and quality chimney services that they receive when they work with us. Feel safe letting us into your home knowing that each of our employees has a full background check completed and that we enforce a drug-free policy and complete random drug tests. Call us today for all of your chimney needs! 

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Maggie Cohn

“I contacted Ace Chimney this morning to arrange for a chimney inspection and cleaning and I was thrilled to be able to get same day service! They were incredibly knowledgeable and very professional and were able to complete the job in a very timely way. I highly recommend this service.”

Pamela Duncan

“Ishai came today to clean our chimney — he was great to deal with, polite, organized, and quick! He left our fireplace insert — and the living room — very clean. We’ve had Ace Chimney Services folks clean our chimneys for years, and have always been happy with the service.”

Steve Tailor

“I am so much happy with all wonderful and amazing services of company. Special thanks for your professional team. Thank you so much again”

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