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Chimney Cleaning in Auburn and Other Services

Ace Chimney is a family business that’s been in the Auburn area for over 20 years. We make it our mission to be the best chimney sweep Auburn that you can count on, whether you’re doing routine maintenance or rebuilding your chimney. We are your complete chimney and HVAC vent solution in the Seattle area.

Trust and safety are important to us. Therefore, we use only techs that are properly trained in each service they provide. In addition, all employees must pass a background check and drug screen. Smoking isn’t allowed at work sites, either.

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality have earned us over 1000 happy customers in both commercial and residential markets.

Our Services

We do a lot more than chimney cleaning Auburn. In fact, at Ace we strive to be your comprehensive chimney and air vent cleaning solution. Call us whenever you need chimney repair Auburn, too. Cracked chimneys and crumbling brick or stone can be repaired by our expert team.


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Our Services

We Provide Best Chimney Services in Auburn!

Gas Fire Pits in Auburn, WA

Let’s face it, fall and spring here in Auburn can be chilly. On those days, it's great to prolong the time we spend outside with a gas fire pit. These are self-contained, gas powered outdoor appliances that let you enjoy a warm spot around the fire. We go beyond our chimney services in Auburn by installing and maintaining these fire pits.

Chimney Services in Auburn, WA

Even the best and most modern chimney needs a little help now and then. Whether it’s a simple cleaning, chimney repair Auburn or even a rebuild, we’re here to help. These are many of the services we provide: Chimney inspections, including Chapter 2 and routine Lining the flue against moisture Brick or masonry work New chimneys, with or without demolishing an old one Chimney repair, such as fixing gaps between bricks And much more. In short, if you need any kind of chimney services Auburn, we’re here for you.

Dryer vent cleaning in Auburn, WA

We’re more than just a chimney sweep Auburn. We also clean dryer vents, another leading cause of house fires. Our modern equipment suctions out the dryer lint so you can run your next load with confidence. Your insurance company will appreciate it.

Air duct cleaning Auburn, wa

Finally, Ace provides air duct cleaning. This service reduces the amount of dust, mold, and other unpleasant particles in the air. We can perform this service in homes or offices to improve the air quality of the space. If you want to arrange for duct cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning in Auburn

Every chimney should be cleaned regularly, at least once a year. Among home maintenance tasks, chimney cleaning Auburn is among the most important. That’s because a buildup of creosote in your chimney can cause a fire. 

Fortunately, at Ace we understand the importance of performing this chore right the first time. We also use the best tools to get you a thorough clean in minimal time, so you can get back to your day.

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A Few of Our Raving Fans

Maggie Cohn

“I contacted Ace Chimney this morning to arrange for a chimney inspection and cleaning and I was thrilled to be able to get same day service! They were incredibly knowledgeable and very professional and were able to complete the job in a very timely way. I highly recommend this service.”

Pamela Duncan

“Ishai came today to clean our chimney — he was great to deal with, polite, organized, and quick! He left our fireplace insert — and the living room — very clean. We’ve had Ace Chimney Services folks clean our chimneys for years, and have always been happy with the service.”

Steve Tailor

“I am so much happy with all wonderful and amazing services of company. Special thanks for your professional team. Thank you so much again”

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Our certifications speak for themselves, trust our experts to get your chimney and fireplace back in tip-top shape.

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